Life Logo South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley declared August 13 – 18 as “Aviation Week.”  It is great to see our state leadership recognize such an important industry.  Aviation is and has been a critical component of South Carolina’s economy.  Aviation week highlights the states six commercial service airports, 61 general aviation airports and four military airfields.  All are essential foundations to South Carolina’s business base, expanding population and tourism industry.  These airports support aviation and aerospace companies that cover the full spectrum of aviation from aircraft management and charter, maintenance, engineering, manufactures, manufacture suppliers, and overhaul facilities.  Names such as Special Services, Boeing, Lockheed, Honeywell, Louis Berger, and hundreds of others call South Carolina home.  General aviation’s total economic impact in South Carolina is $1.6 billion.  When you add in all the other aviation related businesses you realize that number is much bigger.  Boeing alone adds 4.6 billion annually to the economy of Charleston.  Aviation is also important to the 70,000 people who work in it everyday.  Thanks for highlighting our industry this week.