Summer is upon us!   And travel is an irreplaceable pleasure of summer.  Many of our families are scattered across the country, making the opportunity to spend time together even more precious.

Private air travel? Surprisingly affordable! Time with grandkids?  Priceless!

Private air travel?   Surprisingly affordable!
Time with the grandkids?   Priceless!

Grandparents look forward to holding their grandchildren for the first time.  Siblings and school friends are reunited after many years apart.  Young couples want everyone to share the joy of their wedding.  These special vacations, family reunions and special events are times when we don’t want to leave anyone out – from the oldest to the youngest of our family members.


Unfortunately, the realities of modern airline travel include airline delays, cancellations, security restrictions and even the curtailing or restriction of meal and beverage service.


These realities can be inconvenient even to the seasoned travelers among us.  To families with very young children, family members with special needs, or the elderly, these are not just inconveniences – they can cause considerable anxiety and discomfort.


Planning a trip with family and friends now involves a lot more thought and preparation than it used to.

“I have a number of prescriptions, and some of them are liquids,”   said Judy, a petite, active 69-year old who is planning to travel to a high school reunion.  “I don’t want to put them my checked luggage, because I know that can be misdirected or delayed. I also want to carry an extra set of shoes or slippers, because my feet tend to swell on airline trips. But I don’t want to take a huge carry-on, either, because I don’t know if I can lift it into the overhead bin.”

Other concerns with commercial air travel can include these:

  • Standing for a long time (in line.)
  • Disrupting eating/sleeping schedules for children or people with special needs.
  • The difficulty of support special dietary needs.
  • Elderly people who are prone to dehydration may find limited beverage service on many airlines to be a problem.
  • Certain medical devices can make security screening awkward or uncomfortable.
  • People with some injuries or circulatory issues may have problems with airline seating, since seats don’t recline and elevating legs may not be possible.

It has become an unfortunate reality that the rigors of travel have become so burdensome that some people will miss out on unforgettable occasions with family.

If your family is planning an event, consider private air travel. When there are several family members traveling together, it can be even more economical than buying several airline tickets, and much more comfortable and convenient.

  • Enjoy the amenities of a private air terminal.  No endless halls or walkways!
  • There are no lines for security, and no less restrictive requirements for baggage size and contents. In many cases, you may be able to access luggage during the flight.
  • Our staff will assist with your baggage.
  • Food and beverages can be usually be provided to accommodate special requests.
  • Our cabins are spacious and comfortable, and special needs can usually be accommodated.
  • SSC’s pilots are very resourceful and have many more options for avoiding traffic and weather delays. They are experts at getting you to your destination safely.
  • Enjoy your limited vacation time in a comfortable, private airplane instead of a crowded cabin.
  • SSC will fly direct to your destination with no plane changes or layovers.  We can often even land at local airports that the airlines don’t serve.

Planning a vacation, reunion or wedding this summer?  Give Brad a call at  866-242-3383 and let us help you make travel arrangements. We enjoy making it easy, convenient, and often surprisingly affordable for your loved ones to enjoy your time together.